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Franchi, Stefano . “Of Moats, Bridges, And Precincts: The Long Journey Of Intentionality”. Actualité Cognitive De La Phénoménologie: Les Défis De La Naturalisation. Bordeaux, France, 1995. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Encounters Between Computation And The Humanities: Past, Present, And Future”. Texas A&M University, Hispanic Studies Department Colloquium, 2011. Print.
 Download: Franchi-Hisp-Talk-Slides-2011.pdf (265.8 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “The Past, Present, And Future Encounters Between Computation And The Humanities”. Theory And Philosophy Of Artificial Intelligence. Vincent Müller. Berlin, 2012. Print.
 Download: S_Franchi_Digital_Encounters_Springer_FINAL.pdf (119.33 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Palomar, The Triviality Of Modernity, And The Doctrine Of The Void”. New Literary History 28.4 (1997): 757-778. Web.
 Download: Palomar-final.pdf (150.35 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Robots, Cyborgs, And Embedded Creatures”. Annual Meeting Of The Society For Literature, Science, And The Arts (Slsa),. Chicago, Ill., 2005. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Teleonomy And Contingency In Kant's Third Critique”. American Philosophical Association (Apa) Eastern Division Meeting. Washington, D.C., 2011. Print.
 Download: Kant-contingency-KvU.pdf (123.68 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Homeostats For The 21St Century? Lessons Learned From Simulating Ashby Simulating The Brain”. Constructivist Foundations 8 (2013): 501–515. Print.
Franchi, Stefano , and Güzeldere, Güven . “Mindless Mechanisms, Mindful Constructions”. Constructions Of The Mind–-Artificial Intelligence And The Humanities. 1995. ix-xxxi. Web.
Franchi, Stefano . “Passive Politics”. Contretemps (2004): n. pag. Web.
 Download: Passive-Politics-Published-version.pdf (183.19 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Philosophy, Science, And Literature”. Invited Talk, Critical Theory Group Seminar, Duke University. Durham, N.C., 2001. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “On The Backward Passage From Neo-Classic Utility Maximizers To Value-Based Social Coalitions”. Política Común (Special Issue On Giacomo Marramao's The Passage West) (2014): n. pag. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Life, Death, And Resurrection Of W. Ross Ashby's Homeostat”. The Search For A Theory Of Cognition: Early Mechanisms And New Ideas. 2011. 3–52. Print.
 Download: FranchiHomeostat2011.pdf (843.84 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Hunters, Cooks, And Nooks”. Diacritics 33 (2005): 98-109. Print.
 Download: 33.2franchi.pdf (293.51 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Animals, Snobs, Rascals, And Women: Kojève Between Humanism And Anti-Humanism”. Australian Society For Continental Philosophy (Ascp) Annual Conference. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2003. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Artificial Intelligence And Philosophy: The Case Of Simon's Ai Project”. European Meeting Of The Computing And Philosophy Association (E-Cap). Pavia, Italy, 2004. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Teoria Dei Giochi E Complessità”. Sergio Barile, Valerio Eletti, & Maurizio Matteuzzi. Milano, 2013. 343–387. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Radical Constructivism's Tathandlung, Structure, And Geist”. Constructivist Foundations 6 (2011): 17-20. Web.
Franchi, Stefano , and Güzeldere, Güven . “Of Gaps, Bridges, And Close Encounters Of One Of A Kind”. Bridging The Gap–-Where Cognitive Science Meets Literary Criticism, Special Supplement To The Stanford Humanities Review. Stefano Franchi & Güven Güzeldere. 1994. vii-xii. Web.
Franchi, Stefano . “From Kantian Autonomy And Heterenomy To Biological Life”. 5Th Meeting Of The 2Nd European Network For The Advancement Of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction, And Robotics (Eucog Ii). Groningen, The Netherlands, 2011. Print.
 Download: Brief-presentation-on-autonomy.pdf (180.65 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Life, Death, And Resurrection Of The Homeostat”. European Meeting Of The Computing And Philosophy Association (E-Cap). Barcelona, Spain, 2009. Print.

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