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Franchi, Stefano . “Blunting The Edge Of Second-Order Cybernetics: The Heritage Of Heinz Von Foerster (Book Review)”. Constructivist Foundations 3 (2007): 131-132. Print.
 Download: 053.franchi.pdf (62.72 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Game Theory, Nash-Equilibria, And The Stable Set”. Sergio Barile, Valerio Eletti, & Maurizio Matteuzzi. Berlin, 2014. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Can Machines Have An Unconscious? Would We Want Them To?”. European Meeting Of The Computing And Philosophy Association (E-Cap). Munich, Germany, 2010. Print.
 Download: ECAP-2010-Stefano-Franchi-Talk-Slides.pdf (858.57 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “General Homeostasis, Autonomy, And Heteronomy: Toward An Affect-Based Theory Of Cognition”. Proceedings Of The Second Conference On The Philosophy And Theory Of Artificial Intelligence, 2013. Vincent Müller. Berlin, 2014. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Living Thought And Living Things. On Roberto Esposito’S Il Pensiero Vivente”. Res Publica 26 (2012): n. pag. Web.
Franchi, Stefano . “Intelligenza Artificiale Come Scienza, Metafisica, O Epistemologia. Note In Margine Ad Uno Scambio Con Herbert Simon”. Verso Un'archeologia Dell'intelligenza Artificiale. Stefano Franchi, Francesco Bianchini, & Maurizio Matteuzzi. Macerata, 2007. 19-39. Print.
 Download: Risposta-a-Simon.pdf (142.95 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Play Or Passivity?”. Society For Literature And Science (Sls) European Conference. Paris, 2004. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Freudian And Lacanian Biologies And The Problem Of Structurally Failing Human Homeostasis”. 38Th Annual University Of South Carolina French Literature Conference. Gervais, SC, 2010. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Les Jeux Anaclastiques De Lévi-Strauss”. Le Moment Philosophique Des Années 1960 En France. Patrice Maniglier. Paris, 2010. 125–141. Print.
 Download: Franchi-Levi-Strauss-2011.pdf (235.67 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Modelli Descrittivi Ed Analisi Formale: Un'ipotesi Intorno All'ai”. Annali Di Discipline Filosofiche Dell'università Di Bologna 7 (1987): n. pag. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “On The Botany Of Plants: Kantian Reflections On Heidegger's Philosophy Of Life”. Philosophy Department Seminar, The University Of Auckland. Auckland, New Zealand, 2008. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “From Earwig To Man, From Science To Philosophy”. Australasian Association Of Philosophy (Aap) Annual Conference. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2000. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Can Machines Have An Unconscious? Would They Have To?”. Rainhard Zvi Bengez. Proceedings Of The Viii European Conference On Philosophy And Computing (Ecap) 2010: 506–513. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Endgames. Game And Play At The End Of Philosophy”. 1997: n. pag. Print.
 Download: Endgames.pdf (1.3 MB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Cognitive Science's Missed Opportunity”. Stanford's Center For The Study Of Language And Information (Csli) Tinlunch. Stanford, Calif., 1995. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “The Phenomenon Of Passivity”. Annual Meeting Of The Australian Society For Continental Philosophy (Ascp). Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, 2004. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “A Passage West? From Glocalism To Game Theory”. Workshop On Giaconmo Marramao. Texas A&M University, 2012. Print.
Franchi, Stefano , and Güzeldere, Güven . “Machinations Of The Mind”. Mechanical Bodies, Computational Minds. Stefano Franchi & Güven Güzeldere. Cambridge, Mass., 2005. 1-135. Print.
Franchi, Stefano . “Michel Foucault, Fearless Speech (Book Review)”. Essays In Philosophy 5 (2004): n. pag. Print.
 Download: Review of Fearless Speech.pdf (110.52 KB)
Franchi, Stefano . “Commentary On Eric Peng's "perception, Conception, And Schemata"”. Annual Meeting Of The American Philosophical Association (Apa), Pacific Division. Los Angeles, Calif., 1998. Print.

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